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Annual Meeting Abstracts

21st Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Clinical Neuropsychopharmacology
jointly with 41th Annual Meeting of Japanese Society of Newropsychopharmacology

October 27-29, 2011

Last Name First Name No. Title
Nestler Eric J. SL1 New insight into the neurobiology of depression
Papakostas George I. SL3 Predictors, moderators, and mediators of treatment outcome in major depressive disorder
Barnes Thomas R CL-1 Antipsychotic-induced akathisia and its assessment
UCHIDA HIROYUKI S1-4 Tips on how to publish your data in English
UCHIDA HIROYUKI S4-4 Individually tailored antipsychotic treatment for schizophrenia: evidence and hypothesis
MATSUZAKI HIDEO S5-1 A perspective of biological marker research for autism
YAMASUE HIDENORI S5-4 Neural basis of atypical social behavior in people with autism
SUZUKI KATSUAKI S5-5 Positron emission tomography imaging studies in autism spectrum disorders
Lin Ching-Hua S8-1 Early prediction of psychotropic response
Choi Sung-Ku S8-2 Cns drug trials in Asia – Current trend and future
Mei Si Tian S8-3 Psychopharmacological clinical trials and researches in China
Tateishi Tomonori S8-4 Regulatory perspective on current and future drug developments in psychiatric and neurological diseases in Japan
OTSUKI KOJI S12-1 Epigenetic regulation in depression
Yamada Makiko S17-2 Neuroimaging of psychiatric symptoms
TAKAHASHI HIDEHIKO S17-3 Toward a molecular understanding of altered decision-making in neuropsychiatric disorders
HIROI NOBORU SS-2 Genetic mouse model of developmental neuropsychiatric disorders
Takeuchi Katsuya AB Overseas Training Report
Papakostas George I. LS2-1 Management of Treatment-Resistant Major Depressive Disorder
Taylor David LS2-4 Aripiprazole and the maudsley guidelines - a drug for all seasons?
Montejo Angel L. LS3-2 Achieving remission preserving quality of life and sexual relationships in depression
Barnes Thomas R ES2-3 Improving the quality of prescribing practice in psychiatry: the work of the Prescribing Observatory for Mental Health (POMH-UK)
YOSHIDA TAKAYUKI O2-F2 Functional molecular bases of the amygdaloid synaptic transmission involved in extinction of fear memory
OHMURA YU O2-F4 Lithium has suppressing effects on impulsive-like action independent of its anorexic effects
MIYOSHI KO O3-G8 The neuronal primary cilium, a putative extra-synaptic neurotransmission device, expresses dopamine receptors
YOSHIMURA REIJI O3-I2 Aripiprazole altered plasma levels of brain-derived neurotrophic factor, and catecholamine metabolites in fi rst-episode untreated Japanese schizophrenia patients
OHNISHI YOSHINORI P1-C1 Differential role of deltaFosB and delta2deltaFosB in response to stress and drugs of abuse
OHNISHI YOKO P1-C2 Screening and Identifi cation of protein binding partners of deltaFosB using yeast two hybrid system
Goto Naoki P1-DⅠ5 No alterations of brain GABA after 6 months of treatment with atypical antipsychotic drugs in early-stage fi rst-episode schizophrenia
KOIDE TAKAYOSHI P1-DⅠ6 Evaluation of factors affecting Continuous Performance Test Identical Pairs Version (CPT-IP) score of schizophrenic patients in a Japanese clinical Sample
WATANABE SHINYA P1-DⅡ2 Association study of Fat-mass and obesity-associated (FTO) gene and body mass index in a Japanese schizophrenia and healthy Japanese population
OHI KAZUTAKA P1-DⅡ6 The KCNH2 gene is associated with neurocognition and the risk of Schizophrenia
Hashimoto Ryota P1-DⅢ1 RELA Gene is associated with risk for schizophrenia and defi cits in prepulse Inhibition
NAKATAKI MASAHITO P1-DⅢ5 Amino acid neurotransmission in schizophrenia patients and the effects of antipsychotic medication: A proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy study
ISHITOBI MAKOTO P1-DⅥ2 Adjunctive treatment with low-dosage pramipexole for risperidoneinduced hyperprolactinemia and sexual dysfunction in a male patient with schizophrenia
UTSUNOMIYA KENSUKE P1-KⅠ1 Association analysis between the 1,alpha-Hydroxylase (CYP27B1) gene polymorphisms and late-onset Alzheimer's disease
NAKATANI YOSHIHIKO P2-AⅡ1 The effect of corticosterone to immunoreactive cell lines
Yun Jaesuk P2-AⅡ4 Npas4 regulates neurite outgrowth and phosphoryation of synapsin I
MORIGUCHI SHIGEKI P2-BⅡ1 Reduced calcium/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase II activity in the hippocampus is associated with impaired cognitive function in 1-metyl-4- phenyl-1,2,3,6-tetrahydropyridine (MPTP)-treated mice
EZUMI SATORU P2-BⅡ2 Difference in the effect of Imipramine and GBR12909 on the Runway method using priming stimulation effect (PSE) of the intracranial selfstimulation (ICSS) behavior
UCHIDA HIROYUKI P2-GⅥ1 Predicting antipsychotic plasma concentrations before titrating the dose: a population pharmacokinetic study
TSUTSUMI CHISA P2-GⅥ4 The evolution of antipsychotic switch and polypharmacy in natural practice - a longitudinal perspective
KUROIWA MAHOMI P2-HⅢ3 Effect of chronic fl uoxetine treatment on dopamine D1 receptor signaling in the hippocampal dentate gyrus
IGA JUNICHI P2-IⅢ3 SOCS3, a candidate gene for the molecular effects of lithium and pathophysiology of MDD

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